Saturday, July 10, 2010

am i counting?


the day after tomorrow, i'll be back to school. lazy lazy lazy! sebab da lama cuti an, da sedap sedap dok umah,then da naik kelas balik. huhu. but, i have go through a schedule for next sem. spirit still on maaa!! hahaha. okela. the schedule tak pack sangat. one class per day. maximum maybe two or three classes only. weehuu. and i can still add on some subject that i have to take. the credit hours still not exceed 20. haha. for the 1st timei thought. kira kira mcm tu la jadual sy nt. but. takleh gembira sangat. this is my last year! so. thesis la~ 
ape lagi. huhu. maybe still busy. mungkin perkataan maybe itu tidak sesuai ye. sebb kami sememangnya akan bz. bz masuk kuar lab. bz perah otak nak wat eksp. bz ngan presentation. haih~ tak suke dengar perkataan presentation. what to do?? hadap jer la~~
n this Monday, i'll might have to settle up for sumting. huhu. i hope it will going well. pray for me.

till then,

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