Tuesday, July 6, 2010


hello readers! *once again, ada ker y baca?biarkan~haha*
like usual, i will keep online. bz or not. online no 1~ haw3. and yesterday evening, i was on9 while helping my mom potong kain langsir. sangat berat dan tebal ye langsir tuh! n suddenly, around 3 p.m. Teet teet..teet teet. bunyi hon! i'm getting excited! ngintai dulu takot salah umah. tapi bila tgk van poslaju depan umah? yeay! yeay! sy trus berlari turun tangga ke pintu rumah~ my mom asked, tp sy tak jawab. shhh~ then tunggu abg poslaju tuh amik barang. n i? just kept smiling~ =) oke selanjutnye. let pictures tell u everything.

sesi memunggah! ;)

agihkan ikot mak! :)

ehem3. plushies also know what is photoshoot ouh?:)

this is the sweetest one! :)
hope their relationship everlasting till the end~
kamu, i da pict2 posing2kan diorg dulu! hik3~

one happy big family before i have to send them to their owner! :)

they came together with diff shape, color, names n so on! ;) it is ur own choices to create it up. just send ur requests n they will turn it up to be plushies! coz everything is in ur hand ;) ouh~ i just like a promoter ouh! :)
if u want to see more..just click *selipar jepun pink* and price is depends on the weight. :)
enjoy browsing! ;))

n ouh, persahabatan yang datang dari hati, kalu kita gaduh macam mn sekalipon, tak bertegur sapa, segala bagai..tak mustahil, one day, it will turn up well rite? i do believe on miracle! do u? ;)

till then, 

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