Monday, October 25, 2010

words cant describe one feeling

Adakalanya kita perlu menangis.. 
Agar kita tahu hidup ini bukan sekadar ketawa 
Adakalnya kita perlu ketwa.. 
Agar kita tahu mahalnya airmata 

i might be the loser one when comes to confess. sharing part.
i know. i can't cover my face.
what i see, what i feel, what i think, what inside my heart.
i keep it all alone.
because i don't know how to story. 
i don't know how to share.
when/ how to start.
what reaction should i give.
i am clueless!
it's better i just keep it silent.
but after all, i'm comfortable with listening.
that why, i choose silent rather than talking.

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