Friday, August 6, 2010

her story ♥

she keeps herself shut in her room. means? she doesn't want to be disturb.
staring to the sky..counting the stars..talking to the the moon, the stars know how she feel..
continuously doing that until the pain went away. 
until she can forget what had happen.
until she can think wisely.
until she can be positive.
until she can calm.
dreaming for a cottage. just for herself. where there is only she. 
where she can find the truth about life. 
where she can run when ever she is in hurt.
been humiliated.
been underestimated.
what can she do? fighting back? no. it doesn't suits her.
she can just smile. smile. that's her way. :) n be more patient.
coz she believe Allah is always there for her. only in her heart.
coz she has her family, her friends.
and knows, there is people out there can accept her for the way she is.
even tho, inside there, a little voice is screaming.
♥ that is her. :) 

simple text to her - keeps strong n just be truly to ur heart.


  1. siapakah 'she' itu? huhu
    be strong to 'she' <3

  2. kamu kah? strong.. mari same same tengok bintang~ oh..teringat pic bintang yg kamu bg pd saya.. eh eh..dah leh komen lah~ sebelom ni x leh..hehe

  3. asal lak sy? hehe..
    haa.tgk la bintng yg kite bg tuh~