Friday, April 23, 2010

after a long time..its back!

here i am again...
typing n share what i want.. the nite..that i never believe myself..
who told u to be a stalker?
haa..then?serve ur right la! T_T
i saw what i shudn't see..
almost 1 year..1 year.. 
i try to forget it..
almost 1 year..
i strengthen my spirit..
almost 1 year..
i try to forget everything..
almost 1 year..
i try to cheer up my life back..
almost 1 year..
i keep reminding myself..
"plis..dun cry..dun cry"
almost 1 year..
i try to build up my life back..
it takes ALMOST 1 YEAR

and tonight..
"plis spirit..plis heart..u have to keep strong!"
there is nothing u can do..
that just ur memories..
1 year ago memories..
u have ur own life rite now..
u have ur beautiful colour now..
u have ur new heart..
u have ur new spirit..
u found new people around u..
so does other people..
"other" also found their one..
plis..dun keep thinking 'bout the thing u shudn't
the past will remains as past..
ohhh!i just want to cry rite now..plis2~ strong!

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