Saturday, September 4, 2010

monolog dalaman yang termonolog

sometime i do regret for what had happen

the past..

the present

the things that i did not expecting the outcomes.

the things that create such a big hole inside here.

but..there is no tears running out.

even my heart is beating at fast km/j

still no tears..

yes. i did swear that i won't cry anymore.

even to a single tiny miny things, i wont.

sometimes i do appreciate for the whole things.

living with many different people..

give a chance for me to learn about life. about world.

trying to adapt with new surrounding, might give a hard time to me.

think that i can't survive. i just cant.

but with a little strength, nothing is impossible.

with a little hope, try to stand up back.

your life is your responsibility.

strength is important in stead of patient.

this world is a gate for u to achieve success.

create a memories. create a warm stories.

no one should give up in this journey.


  1. hurm.. satu madah yg penuh mendalam maknenyer.. :)

  2. hihihih..kita an nak jadi ahli falsafah..ngeee~~